FLIP, the Prototype

... is a website that appears to be selling jewelry when actually, it's just a sample of how GemSpinner copy can be easily embedded into a stream of products. So while you can't really order anything here, everything else is real. If you have questions, real people are waiting on the other side of the contact form.

Hi, I'm Deb


My personal mission: Watermelons for Elephants

That's not just some clever tagline. I want to do good things for creatures big and small.

  • I am a strong voice for animals
  • I am appreciative of every sunrise and sunset
  • All things lead to our success
  • I am a jewelry and giftware expert

Sharing and Caring Inc is a small business based in Mequon, WI. We are passionate about building quality long-lasting relationships and promoting personalized products that benefit everyone. We are also doing what we can to heal the world, one creature at a time, via The Biomat or any of our other projects.

More About GemSpinner

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What GemSpinner Can Do For You

If you are not interested in online jewelry sales, then GemSpinner might be pretty boring.

GemSpinner is an online service using computational linguistics system to generate geometrically-specific romantic copy for jewelry retailers using words and phrases that keep visitors on-site longer translating into more sales.

Our goal: Increase relevant traffic for online jewelry retailers resulting in more sales via deeper search engine roots via sales copy that captures hearts causing visitors to linger and remember the experience.

Call (929-223-1515) to learn how powerfully simple this works. (or if you prefer to punch the keys to say hello)